Modern medical care lives here. You can see that commitment in our state-of-the art surgical wing, new patient wing, construction of a campus-housed medically integrated YMCA, and most importantly, in the dynamic team who is Gothenburg Health.


Gothenburg health leverages our Innovative Culture to optimize Health Communities


We exist to be healthcare leaders with unparalleled passion, helping people to live their best lives because we care and we can.

Core Values

ICARE: Integrity—Compassion—Accountability—Respect—Excellence

Standards of Behavior

As part of a cultural journey, Gothenburg Health employees have all committed to and signed our standards of behavior document. This further expands upon and defines our Core Values. Click HERE to view this cultural road-map.

Our Facility

Gothenburg Health is a premier critical access hospital and rural health clinic focused on serving the needs of Gothenburg and the surrounding area. The existing building was built in 1969 with a 3.5 million dollar addition and renovation project completed in 2004 to provide up-to-date medical care in our service area. In 2011 a new, 3.4 million dollar, 17,000 sq ft physician clinic was completed to bring state-of-the-art facilities to Gothenburg with the potential for growth in the medical community. In 2014 Gothenburg Health continued growing and broke ground on a 31 million-dollar renovation and expansion that started with a state-of-the-art surgical expansion. The newest multi-phase construction project, completed in the spring of 2018, includes a surgical suite, brand-new patient wing, prominent main entry, clinical expansion for in-house providers and visiting specialists, advanced imaging suite with in-house MRI, and finally, a medically integrated YMCA. We are proud to not only offer the basics, but to also provide a vast variety of progressive services that have grown with the needs of our community.

The YMCA at Gothenburg Health makes Gothenburg just the 18th community in all of Nebraska to have a YMCA. The YMCA building is directly connected to the hospital and features a 4-lane pool, high-school regulation gymnasium, second-floor walking track, cardio and weightlifting area, plus a large group fitness room. This innovative facility opened in April 2018.

Gothenburg Health is a non-profit healthcare facility governed by a publicly elected board of directors. Gothenburg Health believes strongly in the philosophy of investing in the future; preparing for the future with progressive technology aimed to provide our patient population with the healthcare services they deserve while protecting the future viability of our hospital. We recognize the challenges facing critical access hospitals and want to ensure a strong and healthy long-term future. 


  • 167 Employees

  • 3 Active Medical Staff

  • 1 Active Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • 3 Active Physician Assistants

  • 2 Active CRNA

  • 2 Pharmacists, 1 Clinical Pharmacist

  • 20+ Courtesy Medical Staff

  • 1 Corporate Wellness Coordinator

  • 1 Chronic Care Management Nurse

Visits, Cases, and other Statistics (FYTD)

  • 1,404 ER Visits

  • 18,016 Clinic Visits

  • 3,058 Specialty Clinic Visits

  • 509 Surgeries

  • 7,300 PT/OT/Speech Therapy Visits

  • 44 Deliveries

  • 1,195 CT Scans

  • 278 Echocardiograms

  • 401 MRIs

  • 368 Mammograms

  • 2,944 X-Rays

  • 77,700 Lab Orders

  • 58,905 Pounds of Laundry Washed

  • 28,938 Meals Served


Facility Information

  • 12 Licensed Beds

  • 4 Nursery Beds