Weather update (1/25): the Gothenburg Clinic is closing at 12:00 pm today.  If you have any questions or are worried about making it to your scheduled appointment, please call the clinic at 308-537-4066. We will be happy to help you reschedule if needed. As a reminder, the emergency room is open 24/7. Thanks and stay safe!

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Medicare patients - Outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy is covered under Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare A (inpatient) typically pays 100% of billed services while Medicare B (outpatient) typically pays 80% of billed services leaving you responsible for the remaining 20%. The portion not covered by Medicare B can be covered by a supplemental policy if applicable.

Non-Medicare patients - Typically, most insurance companies provide some coverage for therapy services. Please contact your insurance company for specific therapy coverage benefits.

Billing services are handled through the hospital. If you have questions, please contact the hospital business office at (308) 537-3661.