Brady Beecham, MD MPH

Brady Beecham, MD MPH
Brady Beecham, MD MPH

Brady Beecham, MD MPH

Family Practice Physician, Chief Medical Officer

Gothenburg Health DBA
Gothenburg Clinic
918 20th Street
P.O. Box 469
Gothenburg, NE 69138

2011 Doctor of Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska
2006 Master of Public Health, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science & Technology, Trivandrum, India
2003 Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Art in Environmental Science and Policy, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
2012-2014 Hospital of the University fo Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2021-2022 Rural Health Fellow, National Rural Health Association
2009-2010 International Clinical Research Fellow, National Institute of Health (NIH), Fogarty Centre

Beecham BD. Ethics variations among sites of clinical drug trials. Achuta Menon Centre for Health Science Studies; Trivandrum, India. Masters of Public Health Thesis. July 2006.

O'Leary DR, Kuhn S, Kniss KL, Hinckley AF, Rasmussen SA, Pape WJ, Kightlinger LK, Beecham BD, Miller TK, Neitzel DF, Michaels SR, Campbell GL, Lanciotti RS, Hayes EB. Birth outcomes following West Nile Virus infection of pregnant women in the United States: 2003-2004.Pediatrics. 2006 Mar;117(3):e537-45.

Macedo de Oliveira A, White KL, Beecham BD, Leschinsky DP, Foley BP, Dockter J, Giachetti C, Safranek TJ. Sensitivity of second-generation enzyme immunoassay for detection of hepatitis C virus infection among oncology patients. J Clin Virol. 2006 Jan;35(1):21-5.

Macedo de Oliveira A, White KL, Leschinsky DP, Beecham BD, Vogt TM, Moolenaar RL, Perz JF, Safranek TJ. An outbreak of hepatitis C virus infections among outpatients at a hematology/oncology clinic. Ann Intern Med. 2005 Jun 7;142(11):898-902. Summary for patients in: Ann Intern Med. 2005 Jun 7;142(11):I38.

Macedo de Oliveira A, Beecham BD, Montgomery SP, Lanciotti RS, Linnen JM, Giachetti C, Pietrelli LA, Stramer SL, Safranek TJ. West Nile virus blood transfusion-related infection despite nucleic acid testing. Transfusion. 2004 Dec;44(12):1695-9.

Beecham BD. Investigating drinking water management in Amazonian communities. Duke University; Durham, North Carolina. Senior Distinction Thesis. May 2003.

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Dr. Beecham lives in Lexington with her husband, Aravind Menon, and their two children, Remy and Nora. She enjoys chasing her children around, putting puzzles together, riding bikes, and cooking with the kids. 

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