Direct Access Testing

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As part of Gothenburg Health's focus on improving our service area's health and wellness, we're now offering Direct Access Testing (DAT). Individuals can come to the laboratory and receive wellness screenings for certain tests, without a written physician's order. Screenings available through Direct Access Testing allow you to manage your health and health concerns.

DAT eliminates the need for a doctor’s order for certain lab tests (scroll down for a menu of tests being offered). Patients who are uninsured, have a health savings account, have a high deductible, or who don’t want to file a claim to their insurance may request the tests they need at a low out-of-pocket expense.

Quick, easy and convenient

Direct Access Testing is not meant as a substitute for regular medical care; it is a quick, easy, and convenient way for people to receive health info.

  • A physician's order is not required for these tests.
  • The customer, if 18 or older, or parent/legal guardian for those under 18, consent to take responsibility for the follow up of abnormal test results.
  • **Note that payment in cash or check must be received at the time of service; insurance will not be billed.**
  • The results will be mailed directly to you within one week of collecting the specimen, unless otherwise requested. You are encouraged to share the results with your health care provider.

Scheduling an Appointment is Requested

  • DAT at Gothenburg Health is available without a physician's order in the hospital lab, Monday - Friday from 7 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Scheduled appointments for DAT are requested. Call 308-537-4066 to schedule your wellness screening. Walk-ins allowed.
  • Same day or next day availability for appointments.
  • Patient intake form. All patients will be required to fill out an intake form at registration. You can view and print this form here.

Tests offered through DAT at Gothenburg Health

Please click here for a brochure with tests offered and current pricing.

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel* 
    • Screens for diabetes, fluid balance, kidney function and liver function.
    • Electrolytes
    • Glucose
    • BUN
    • Creatinine
    • Calcium
    • Albumin
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • ALT
    • AST
    • Total Bilirubin
    • Total Protein
  • Lipid Panel*
    • Cholesterol
    • Triglyceride
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • LDL Cholesterol (calc)
  • Hemoglobin A1C 
    • A Hemoglobin A1c level is used to evaluate the average amount of glucose in the blood over the last 2 to 3 months. This test may be used to screen for and diagnose diabetes or risk of developing diabetes.
  • Vitamin D    
    • Vitamin D deficiency may lead to a range of disorders, such as osteoporosis.
  • TSH (Thyroid) 
    • The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test is often the test of choice for evaluating thyroid function and/or symptoms of a thyroid disorder, including hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It is part of the body’s feedback system to maintain stable amounts of the thyroid hormones and to help control the rate at which the body uses energy
  • PSA Screen (Prostate)  
    • Detects an antigen suspicious for cancer of the prostate. This screening may be recommended for men age 55-69. Many exceptions may apply based upon your unique medical and family history and other risk factors. It's highly recommended that this test be done in conjunction with an annual provider exam.
  • CBC 
    • Complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders.
  • COVID-19 (Rapid Antigen)
    • Rapid antigen test limited to non-symptomatic patients without a known exposure to a COVID-19 positive indivudal.
    • Patients presenting with symptoms or a known exposure will be routed through the clinic as usual.
    • The intent for the COVID-19 testing via DAT will be for individuals wanting to get tested before travel or before attending an event without seeing a provider.
      • Note that it is the patient's responsibility to ensure that a rapid antigen test meets the testing requirements for your potential travel or event.
  • Urine Drug Screen 
    • A urine drug screen analyzes urine for certain illegal drugs and prescription medication. Specimens must be collected at the lab.

*Tests listed with an asterisk require fasting.

Please follow these guidelines for a successful screening:
  • Fasting for the laboratory means that the individual should consume no solid or liquid food for 12 hours before the test.
  • No alcohol 24 hours before specimen collection.
  • Water can be taken in normal amounts.
  • If taking medication, continue medication as directed by your health provider.

Have questions? Please give us a call to learn more about DAT at Gothenburg Health. 308-537-4066.

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