Dr. Brady O'Hare provided Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Brady O'Hare provided Colorectal Cancer

Monday, April 8, 2019

General Surgeon, Dr. Brady O'Hare, recently provided valuable Colorectal Cancer education during a free lunch & learn at Gothenburg Health.

Dr. O'Hare provided education on the following topics:

  • How common is colorectal cancer?
  • What is colorectal cancer?
  • What causes it?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • Can colorectal cancer be prevented?
  • Tests to find colorectal cancer early
  • What you can do
  • More information

Check out the full presentation: Colorectal Cancer-Preventable, Treatable, Curable.

Call the clinic today to schedule your next wellness exam to ensure you're taking the steps necessary to prevent colorectal cancer: 308-537-4066.

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