Fight on...

Fight on...

Thursday, February 17, 2022

By Mary Lou Block RDN LMNT

Ever feel like giving up?

Have you been in the battle too many times….to eat better, to lose weight, to begin an exercise program, to…….whatever?  It probably doesn’t feel attainable or the effort worth it.

Feeling overwhelmed with it all?  Remind yourself of history and be encouraged.

Near the end of the Revolutionary War “the Americans were burdened with war debt, food shortages and sagging morale. Something had to give. General George Washington decided to go for a knockout.”* He headed to what would become the final battle of the war, Yorktown.  Just when he could have quit, he kept going.

Your victory for healthy eating, weight loss, an exercise program, or for whatever may be as near as Yorktown was for Washington. 

You could quit, but instead, keep going.  Don’t give up.  Fight on. 

George Washington turns 290 years old February 22.  Do something in honor of him….don’t give up.

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Happy Birthday, President Washington!