Gothenburg Health offers new Wound Care Clinic

Gothenburg Health offers new Wound Care Clinic

Gothenburg Health offers new Wound Care Clinic

One can put the best possible dressing on the wound, but it won’t matter if you don’t get to the core of the issue, according to Amanda Standage, APRN. “You have to heal from the inside out by taking into account all factors that influence health such as blood sugar, pain, anemia and more.”

Gothenburg Health announced the addition of a Wound Care Clinic with the addition of two new certified staff. Patients will have access to wound care through the Specialty Clinic during the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Standage said she became interested in wound care during nursing school when she had the opportunity to place a wound vac during clinicals. A couple of years out of nursing school, she had the opportunity to get certified in wound care with the encouragement of great mentors.

“It felt like not a lot of information was available about wound care in Nurse Practioner school. It’s a grey area. I even heard from fellow providers that it isn’t traditionally discussed in depth in medical school. That’s why people don’t often get the care they need,” she said. “I knew I wanted to get certified so that I could provide a very needed service with the highest standard of care.”

Standage recently traveled to Nashville to become recertified, which is required every five years with practicing hours. She was joined by Trisha Stout, who also received her wound care certification and will assist Standage in the clinic.

The benefit of having a Wound Care Clinic at Gothenburg Health is getting a high standard of care close to home. “Many wound patients are older, so it’s helpful that they can get care without having to travel 45 or more minutes and without having to compromise their care,” Standage said.

Standage joined the team of local providers at Gothenburg Health in December 2022. Other providers learned that she had experience with wound care and would consult her about best options for dressing and when to follow up, she said. “I saw a need and am excited to add the Wound Care Clinic to my current practice as a family provider.”

Cassie Hilbers, Chief Ancillary Officer at Gothenburg Health, said “Amada has been an excellent addition to our team of Family Practice providers. We are excited to be expanding our services to include wound care and continuing to provide quality care to Gothenburg and surrounding communities.”

Individuals interested in wound care should see their primary care provider to receive a referral to the Wound Care Clinic. Standage said patients can be seen the same or next day where she will do a comprehensive intake to discover what is happening in the body to not allow the wound to heal.


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