Gothenburg Health welcomes Behavioral Health Therapist

Gothenburg Health welcomes Behavioral Health Therapist

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Providing Behavioral Health services at Gothenburg Health creates a unique opportunity to incorporate mental health support in an environment that connects patients with their primary medical care. Gothenburg Health has expanded its services to welcome Kristen Hagin, LIMHP, who will provide outpatient counseling and support in close collaboration with primary providers.

Kristen has worked as a mental health therapist for 17 years, most recently at Behavioral Health Care Management Rural Clinic in Ferndale, Wash. She is originally from Seattle, but attended Grace University in Omaha to receive her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in counselling.

“There is a major need for behavioral health support, especially with all that has happened in the last three years. We hope to provide wrap-around care where patients can get mental health support in the same medical health facility that they know and trust,” Kristen said.

With Kristen on staff, primary care physicians are able to refer patients for brief support therapy. She said she and the providers will assess what fits the patient’s needs and goals. Insurance often offers both medical benefits as well as behavioral health benefits, but varies depending on the individual plan.

The innovative approach of offering of mental health services integrated in the medical community takes away the stigma of walking into a facility exclusive to mental health. “It’s a safe place to walk in the door without anyone knowing whether the individual is seeing a ENT specialist, getting lab work done or visiting a therapist,” she said. Additionally, she said she can collaborate with providers by listening for cues that may assist providers in looking further into symptoms that a patient might only mention in passing at a regular health visit.

Kristen has been married to Josh for 19 years. They have three children, Estella, Ed, and Laya. The family and their dog moved to Brady earlier this year. Her designer nails and 20+ colorful glasses provide conversation opportunities and connecting points with her patients.