Have you planted any Vitamin C Lately?

Have you planted any Vitamin C Lately?

Have you planted any Vitamin C Lately?

Actually, I am not talking about planting your supplements, I am talking about Vitamin C rich vegetables that you can plant in your garden this summer. 

In other words, citrus fruits are not the only food source of vitamin C, and the grocery store is not the only place to find it.  A number of vegetables boast of great Vitamin C content!  If you haven’t thought much about gardening this spring because everything is crazy, think again.

Red peppers

Peppers are hoarders of Vitamin C.  When they are ripe (red) they possess (152 mg/medium) three times the amount of Vitamin C found in a small orange (51 mg).  Just remember, they rack up Vitamin C points as they become red.  So don’t rush picking them, if you want the maximum amount of Vitamin C.  Actually immature green fruits also store a good amount of the vitamin (95 mg/medium pepper).

Other pepper varieties are great sources of Vitamin C, too.  Jalapeno and banana peppers are very similar to red peppers when it comes to Vitamin C.  The bottom line?  Enjoy getting that salsa garden ready!  But remember, fresh is best for preserving Vitamin C.


Gardening tip:

Peppers happen to be big fans of the heat. Wait to plant them until after the soil is above 65 degrees. Once they are planted protect them with some sort of cover until the nights are 60 and days are 80.


More Vitamin C gardening next week.


Have a great weekend,


Mary Lou Block

Registered Dietician


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