It's Time to Spring into Garden Action

It's Time to Spring into Garden Action

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

By Mary Lou Block, RDN LMNT

I have to admit, I am more of a wisher than a gardener.  Of course, I have enjoyed some wonderful gardens in my life, even ones I have planted.  At times the pressure of planting a garden is overwhelming though, and I am tempted to let Farmers Market deliver my produce later in the summer.  After all, I don’t have time to garden, right?

Nope, that can’t be the story this year.  The looming high price of summer fuel is a heads up to prepare for higher grocery bills.  With this in mind, I am all for getting out and digging in my garden and encouraging you to do the same! 

Here are 4 great reasons to consider gardening this year:

  • Vegetables are nutrient dense.  That is, you get lots of nutrients per calorie when you indulge in these colorful friends.
  • Nutrient density decreases with storage.  Nutrient harvest is more likely to be abundant when you harvest or buy locally.  This is why you hear the mantra, “buy fresh, buy local.”  Maybe we should say “grow fresh, grow local.”
  • Getting out into the sunshine is good for your immune system.   You’ve heard me say Vitamin D is a great nutrient to boost immunity. Exposing yourself to sunshine between the months of May to September gives your body the opportunity to produce its own vitamin D.  All you need is 15-20 minutes (without sunscreen) to activate this system.  By the way, what’s the reason I say May to September?  Because, in Nebraska, the sun’s rays are at the correct angle to make Vitamin D only during these months. 
  • Digging in the dirt exposes you to the world of soil microbes that build your own microbiome.   There is a connection between healthy soil microbiota and human microbiota.  Want to be healthy in the winter?  Build your exposure to microbes in your garden this summer. 

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