National Diabetes Awareness Month

Shay Holbrook labeling Diabetic-friendly food

National Diabetes Awareness Month

By Shay Holbrook, RN, BSN, CDCES

November is a crucial time to raise awareness regarding diabetes, a chronic health condition that affects more than half a billion people worldwide. This year, the focus of World Diabetes Day on November 14th is access to diabetes care. Our clinic is proud to emphasize the importance of increasing access to care and education to help improve the lives of those living with diabetes in our local and surrounding communities. 

Gothenburg Health is excited to offer a special on direct access testing (DAT) of A1C for only $10 on Tuesday, Nov. 28 and Thursday, Nov. 30th from 8:00-11:00.  DAT is completed in the laboratory of Gothenburg Health, and the cost of the test will be collected the day the sample is retrieved.

Diabetes testing and care is important as this enables people to act early and improve their overall health and wellbeing. It’s important to know your risk factors, such as obesity, physical inactivity, age, or family history of diabetes. According to, people who have diabetes are more likely to adapt to lifelong lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier and exercising, after they are aware of their diabetes diagnosis. These simple, yet effective changes, can prevent or delay acute or chronic complications associated with diabetes. Annual exams as well as follow up appointments with primary care providers and certified diabetes care and education specialists are important to ensure patients are well on their way to maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Diabetes diagnoses can be daunting and overwhelming, but Gothenburg Health has the resources and trained support to ensure patients are set up for success in their diabetes care.  At Gothenburg Health, we take pride in providing access to diabetes care and education as well as timely treatment and management options. Most importantly, knowing one’s risk of type 2 diabetes and the impact of diabetes related complications is the focus not only in November, but every month for patients with diabetes. 

Recently, Gothenburg Health received accreditation to present Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support to current patients and referrals from surrounding communities and providers. This accreditation and participation in the education has shown improved A1C levels, improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and increase in medication adherence. 

Join us in the 2023 Diabetes Awareness Month campaign of “Know your risk, Know your response.” For more information, contact Shay Holbrook at or 308-537-1009.


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