Three Generations Serving Together at Gothenburg Health

Three Generations Serving Together at Gothenburg Health

Three Generations Serving Together at Gothenburg Health

They know how hard the others work. They support each other at work and at home. But these three generations are unique because they work under the same roof at Gothenburg Health.

Deb Saum, Lab Supervisor, Stacy Flesner, Director of Surgery and Clinical Informatics, and Amelia Flesner, staff member of Environmental Services & Materials Management, represent a grandma, mothers and daughters who work together at Gothenburg Health this summer.

As her first job as a freshman in high school, Amelia said she wanted to work at Gothenburg Health because she is interested in medical field, and this job gives her first-hand experience. After high school, Amelia hopes to become a dermatologist.

Stacy said she chose to work at Gothenburg Health because she was always a hometown girl. She knew wanted to go into the medical field and had become interested when she was younger and watched her mom, Saum, work for Dr. Bartruff. Stacy’s first job was as a CNA at Hilltop. After getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the UNMC at Kearney, she said she came back because she wanted to help take care of her friends and neighbors.

“I love how focused the three of us are, plus it’s a great place to work. It is amazing to have three generations working together. We know that we are all doing our part to make sure patients will be taken care of well,” Stacy said.

Saum has been working at Gothenburg Health since 2001, although she had worked there in the 80’s as well prior to having children. She chose Gothenburg Health for the opportunity to challenge herself, work full time and earn more money.

She said she had also always wanted to work in the medical field. They had a good MedTech program at Kearney State College, so that was the route she took. Later, she attended Nebraska Wesleyan to become a Medical Technologist MT, ASCP.

When asked what she enjoyed the most about working with her family members, she said, “I like that my daughter (Stacy) is very task oriented. She finishes projects and is a lot like me. I love having my granddaughter (Amelia) work here, too. She loves it here and it’s fun to see her when she brings supplies into the lab,” Saum said.

Amelia said that her favorite part of working with her mom and grandma is bringing deliveries around and seeing both of them. “It’s kind of crazy to believe we’re all here,” she said.

Stacy believes it makes it easier for her to help and support Amelia as her mom. “The hospital is a second family that provides more people to know and support Amelia. She also has her foot in the door if she wants to go down the healthcare path,” Stacy said.

“I also really enjoy working with my mom, even if we sometimes talk too much shop. We are both working toward the same goal. We want to build something together for people. We do it together,” she said.

Saum marvels that she can experience three generations at Gothenburg Health. “I found a place that I’ve wanted to work for a long time, and now, I get to pass that on. We will have that shared history.” While she is looking toward retirement, she said she is leaving a legacy and the hospital in good hands.

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